Association between Study Factors and Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity in Pediatric Acute Care Research
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Pediatrics, Quality and Patient Safety, Research, 2022
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INTRODUCTION: The pediatric literature shows under- and over- representation of diverse groups in research based on participant factors such as race/ethnicity (R/E). R/E is a social construct acting as a proxy for social factors underlying such associations. We hypothesize that study factors correlate with differential enrollment of Black v White participants (BP v WP) and Hispanic v White participants (HP v WP). METHODS: Retrospective review of enrollment in 2 pediatric trials networks. Study factors included: consent mechanism (CM) (written/assent/verbal/waiver); study type (ST) (interventional/observational); study procedures (SP) (blood draw/genetic information/study drug/survey/chart review/other); recruitment site (RS) (ED/PICU). Models accounting for clustering of participants in studies estimated odds ratios (OR, 95% confidence interval) for enrolling BP v WP and HP v WP by study factor. Multivariable analysis included significant factors. RESULTS: 63434 enrolled participants were evaluated in 8 studies. Factors associated with having enrolled a BP v WP (p < 0.0001 unless stated) were CM (written OR 0.70, 0.62-0.79; assent OR 0.65, 0.57-0.75; verbal OR 1.48, 1.27-1.72; waiver OR 1.39; 1.24-1.57); ST (observational OR 1.46, 1.21-1.75) & SP (Blood draw OR 0.72, 0.64-0.81; genetic information OR 0.73, 0.65-0.82; study drug OR 0.75, 0.65-0.86; survey OR 1.38, 1.23-1.55; chart review OR 1.53, 1.33-1.77; other OR 1.41, 1.25-1.59) & RS (PICU OR 0.69, 0.54-0.71). On multivariable analysis, CM (written OR 0.724, 0.653-0.80) and SP (blood draw OR 1.21, 1.09-1.36, p = 0.0006) remained significant. Factors associated with having enrolled a HP v WP included CM (written OR 2.36, 1.855-3.003); waiver OR 0.4; 0.35-0.45); ST (observational OR 0.69, 0.50-0.95, p = 0.02) & SP (blood draw OR 2.52, 2.23-2.86; genetic information OR 2.60, 2.4-2.82; survey OR 0.40, 0.35-0.47; other OR 0.43, 0.33-0.55). On multivariable analysis, CM (written OR 1.771, 1.60-1.96) remained significant. CONCLUSION: Study factors correlate with differential enrollment by R/E in pediatric multisite studies. This may reflect participant preferences, implicit bias or systemic racism. Prospective work could clarify the relationship between social and study-level factors affecting enrollment and identify opportunities to mitigate bias and systemic racism.
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