Circadian Entrainment Cues in the ICU: Bricks in the Road to Critical Illness Recovery
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Neuroscience, 2020
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The Society of Critical Care Medicine's Critical Care Congress features internationally renowned faculty and content sessions highlighting the most up-to-date, evidence-based developments in critical care medicine. This is a presentation from the 2020 Critical Care Congress held February 16-19, 2020, in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the significant interaction between ICU sleep deprivation and ICU circadian disruption
  • Identify and modify elements of the ICU environment that disrupt circadian health
  • Apply current evidence to making changes in ICU care that will support circadian health (eg, alternative feeding strategies, ICU mobility protocols)

Sleep-Wake and Circadian Disruption in the ICU: Breaking the Downward Spiral

Melissa Knauert

Optimizing ICU Light Levels: Shining Light in a Dark Place

Melissa Knauert

Intermittent Enteral Feeding: The ICU's New Fad Diet

Paul Wischmeyer

ICU Mobility: Work Out Today, Sleep Better Tonight

Lauren E. Ferrante

Melatonin Use in Critically Ill Patients: Dabbling With the Hormone of Darkness

Mojdeh S. Heavner

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