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Atrial Fibrillation in the Critically Ill: What, When, How, and What If?
The Science Behind Building a High-Performing Team
Billing & Documentation 2022 Q&A
ECMO and the Brain: What Can, Does, or Might Happen to Your Patient's Brain
COVID-19 Question and Answer Webcast Series - Webcast 2
Master Regulator: The Liver and Critical Illness
COVID-19 Question and Answer Webcast Series - Webcast 1
Optimizing Management of Severe ARDS
COVID-19 Question and Answer Webcast Series - Webcast 3
Opioid-Free Analgesia in the ICU: Magic or Illusion?
COVID-19 Question and Answer Webcast Series - Webcast 4
Personalized Medicine Versus Protocolized Care for Sepsis
Monkeypox: Diagnosis, Management, and Prevention
Year in Review: Surgery - 2020
Models of Translational Research in Critical Care - Discovery Research Webcast
Challenging Cases in the ICU
Implementation Science - Bringing Evidence to the Bedside - Discovery Research Webcast
Year in Review: Anesthesiology - 2020
Causal Inference From Observational Data On Demand
What New Therapies, Such as CAR T Cell Therapy, Are the Oncologists Bringing to the ICU?
Billing and Documentation Update 2020 On Demand
Managing Anticoagulants and Antiplatelet Agents in the ICU
Methods For Minimizing Bias From Missing Data In Critical Care Research
Late-Breaking Studies Affecting Patient Outcomes
Novel Clinical Trial Designs On Demand
Acute Burn Care for Non-Burn Clinicians
Go Big or Go Home: An Overview of Research Using Critical Care Databases On Demand
Quiet, Please! Minimizing Alarm Fatigue and Maximizing Safe Patient Care
Billing and Documentation Update 2021
Worldwide Threats to Health Security: Critical Care Preparedness
SSC Adult Guidelines 2021: What's New and What's Changed?
International Clinical Trials Networks: Studies That Will Change Practice in Five Years
SCCM New Member Welcome Webinar On Demand
Mechanical Ventilator and Pharmacologic Strategies in the Treatment of Status Asthmaticus
How to Create Multicenter Research Registries
Acute Dysglycemia: Too Sweet, Not Sweet Enough; To Get It Just Right Takes a Team
CURE ID: Leveraging Real World Data in COVID-19 and Beyond
Two Years After the ADRENAL Trial: Time to Close the Debate on Steroids in Sepsis?
The Blame Game and the Culture of Safety
Pro/Con Debate: WhatSUP With Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis in the ICU?
Targeted Temperature Management after Cardiac Arrest On Demand
Pro/Con Debate: The Spell Expires at Midnight: Rationing Care to Children
January Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2020)
Percutaneous Tracheostomy: State-of-the-Art Update
March Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2020)
Pro/Con Debate: Dual Fellowship Training Is Needed to Care for the Pregnant ICU Patient
April Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2020)
Family Presence in the ICU: Does It Make a Difference?
July Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2020)
Acute Kidney Injury: Soup to Nuts
August Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2020)
Surviving Sepsis Campaign International Guidelines for the Management of Septic Shock and Sepsis-Associated Organ Dysfunction in Children - 1
November Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2020)
Pro/Con Debate: Should We Allow Spontaneous Breathing in ARDS?
January Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2021)
Happy, Sleepy, and Dopey
March Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2021)
Critical Care Case Records of the Joint Trauma System
April Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2021)
Year in Review: Emergency Medicine and Prehospital Care - 2020
September Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2021)
Translating Preclinical Data Into Practice: Why Therapies for Neurologic Disease Don't Work
October Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2021)
Controversies in Delirium: This Drug, That Drug, No Drugs at All!
November Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2021)
Not Just a Fairy Godmother: Mentoring in the Millennial Generation
August Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2021)
Year in Review: Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology
July Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2021)
From Bedside to Webside: The Tele-Critical Care Paradigm Is Evolving
June Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2021)
Mirror, Mirror, Who's the Fairest? Administrative Challenges in Pediatric Critical Care
May Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2021)
Frontiers in ECMO: Is It Wizardry or Witchcraft?
September Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2022)
Pro/Con Debate: Can Simulation Be Used for Assessment of Procedural Competence for Hospital Privileges?
August Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2022)
Beyond the ICU: Critical Illness Survivors and Our Community (THRIVE)
January Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2022)
Pro/Con Debate: Use of Procalcitonin in the Critically Ill
July Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2022)
Optimizing Antibiotic Use in Your ICU - 2020
June Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2022)
Bleeding, Clotting, and Filling the Pediatric Tank
May Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2022)
Emerging Extracorporeal Therapies in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
April Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2022)
Putting Basic Science to Work: How State-of-the-Art Scientific Technology Can Inform Critical Care
March Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2022)
Bulletproof Solutions to Challenges and Controversies in Penetrating Traumatic Brain Injury
August Journal Club Webcast: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2020)
Finding Your Fit: The First-Job Conundrum: In-Training Section Session
July Journal Club Webcast: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2020)
Optimizing Fluid Stewardship in Your ICU
June Journal Club Webcast: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2020)
Which Vasopressor Do I Pick From My Toolbox?
March Journal Club Webcast: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2020)
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: Do It Right and Save Lives!
January Journal Club Webcast: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2020)
The Holy Grail of Septic Shock Resuscitation and Outcomes
December Journal Club: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2019)
The ICU Leadership Academy - 2020
October Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2022)
Quality and Safety in the ICU: How Facility Design Influences Critical Outcomes
May Journal Club: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2021)
Circadian Entrainment Cues in the ICU: Bricks in the Road to Critical Illness Recovery
September Journal Club: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2020)
ACCM Pro/Con Debate
April Journal Club Webcast: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2021)
Guidelines for the Management of Adult Acute and Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure in the ICU: Cardiovascular, Endocrine, Hematologic, Pulmonary, and Renal Considerations
March Journal Club Webcast: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2021)
Point-of-Care Ultrasound in Critical Care: Credentialing Through Quality Assurance or Just Wing It?
January Journal Club Webcast: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2021)
Advances in Military Resuscitative Care and Correlates for Civilian Care
December Journal Club: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2020)
Under Pressure: Use of Vasoactive Therapies Beyond the Guidelines
November Journal Club: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2020)
When a Mass Disaster Involves Kids, How Do We Tailor Our Response?
October Journal Club Webcast: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2020)
What Is the Right Formula? Designing a Successful Emergency Response Team
August Journal Club Webcast: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2022)
Staying Alive: Resuscitative Devices to the Rescue
November Journal Club: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2021)
The Elephant in the Room: The Many Impacts of Bias
October Journal Club Webcast: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2021)
Pro/Con Debate: Electronic Diagnosis of Sepsis: Getting It Right or Overkill?
September Journal Club: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2021)
Leading a Multigenerational Team: Issues, Challenges, and Strategies
August Journal Club Webcast: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2021)
Pro/Con Debate: Cooperative Billing: If You Are Billing for APPs, You Are Probably Doing It Wrong
July Journal Club Webcast: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2021)
Year in Review: Internal Medicine - 2020
June Journal Club Webcast: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2021)
Asmund S. Laerdal Memorial Lecture Award Recipient: Sepsis: Challenges and Directions for the Future
December Journal Club: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2021)
Pro/Con Debate: Does Postoperative Critical Care Improve Outcomes for Patients Following Major Surgery?
January Journal Club Webcast: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2022)
Integrating Advanced Practice Providers Into Critical Care: Nuts and Bolts
March Journal Club Webcast: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2022)
Disaster Management With Limited Resources
April Journal Club Webcast: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2022)
Feeding Children: What, When, and How? Supported in part by Mead Johnson Nutrition
May Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2020)
Year in Review: Neurology
May Journal Club: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2022)
Pro/Con Debate: PADIS Guidelines: Always Use Narcotics?
October Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2020)
Cognitive Recovery From Critical Care
June Journal Club Webcast: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2022)
ACCM Distinguished Investigator Award and SCCM-Weil Research and Discovery Grant Recipients
September Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2020)
Year in Review: Pediatrics - 2020
July Journal Club Webcast: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2022)
Pro, Con, and In Between: A Single Track to Critical Care Training and Certification
September Journal Club: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2022)
Pediatric ARDS: Do We Have Consensus?
October Journal Club: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2022)
Federal Government Sepsis Priorities: Working Together to Educate, Innovate, and Optimize Patient Outcomes (NIH, CDC, CMS, and BARDA)
November Journal Club: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2022)
Up in Smoke: Managing e-Cigarette or Vaping Product Use-Associated Lung Injury (EVALI) in the ICU
​Is Mentorship Obsolete in Our Modern Healthcare Environment?
Humanizing Intensive Care
Billing and Documentation Update 2022
Medical Journalism in the Age of Social Media, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence
December Journal Club: Critical Care Medicine (2022)
Late-Breaking Studies That Will Change Your Practice - 2020
December Journal Club: Spotlight on Pharmacy (2022)
The Impact of Gun Violence on Public Health
RSV in Critically Ill Children: Therapy and Management
The Future of Critical Care Medicine in the Field
Opening Session: Presidential Address - 2020
Pragmatic Trials in the Digital Age
Star Research Presentations: Pharmacology
Star Research Presentations: Pediatric Pulmonary - 2020
Star Research Presentations: Sepsis Therapies
Star Research Presentations: Sepsis Immunology
Star Research Presentations: Resuscitation
Star Research Presentations: Sepsis - 2020
Star Research Presentations: Neuroscience
Star Research Presentations: State of the Art
Star Research Presentations: Epidemiology
Star Research Presentations: Cardiovascular
Star Research Presentations: Predictive Analytics
Anticoagulation Reversal for Life-Threatening Bleeding: A Case-Based Presentation for the Critical Care Team
Making the Most of the Clinical Toolbox: Improving Outcomes in HABP and VABP
Advancing the Diagnosis of Pneumonia and Sepsis: Updates for the Critical Care Specialist
Maintaining Renal Function in Patients With Cirrhosis: New Guidelines and Evidence in Identification and Management of Hepatorenal Syndrome and Acute Kidney Injury
The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Critical Care: A Tsunami of Predictions or a Consensus of Opinions?
Challenges of Sepsis Diagnosis and a new approach using the host immune response, SeptiCyte®
Hypervolemia in the ICU: A Novel Approach to Fluid Management
Big Data and Quality Measures
Safety and Quality Lessons You Need to Learn
Optimizing Antibiotic Use in Your ICU - 2019
Year in Review: Neuroscience
If You Build It, They Will Come: Optimizing ICU Bed Utilization
Pro/Con Debate: Steroids in the ICU: To Give or Not to Give
Pro/Con Debate: To REBOA or Not to REBOA
Pediatric Sedation: Less Is More
Controversies in Pediatric ARDS
Year in Review: Emergency Medicine and Prehospital Care - 2019
Year in Review: Anesthesiology - 2019
ESICM/SCCM Joint Session: Sepsis Research: Gaps, Priorities, and Goals; What Does the Future Hold?
Immunomodulators in Critical Illness: Updates From Clinical Trials
Crosstalk 08 - Anesthesiology Section
Crosstalk 10 - Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology Section
Crosstalk 09 - Critical Care Quiz Show
Crosstalk 02 - Emergency Medicine Section
Crosstalk 01 - ICU Heroes
Crosstalk 04 - In-Training Section
Crosstalk 07 - Meet the Editors
Crosstalk 03 - Neuroscience Section
Crosstalk 05 - Nursing Section
Crosstalk 11 - Research Section
Crosstalk 06 - Surgery Section
Assessing End Points of Resuscitation in the ICU
Multimodal Prognostication After Cardiac Arrest: Is the Neurological Pupil Index (NPi) the Answer?
Opening Session: Presidential Address - 2019
Plenary Session: The Changing Continuum of Healthcare
Plenary Session: Improving Critical Care and Outcomes Using National Clinical Audit
Plenary Session: Late-Breaking Studies That Will Change Your Practice
Brain Bleed Essentials for General Intensivists
Star Research Presentations: Pulmonary
Star Research Presentations: Sepsis - 2019
Toxicology Pearls for Everyone
Star Research Presentations: Basic Science of Sepsis
Improving Outcomes in Cardiogenic Shock: Lessons Learned From a Primary PCI Laboratory
Sweet and Sour: Pearls and Perils of Glycemic Management Supported in part by an educational grant
Star Research Presentations: Pediatric Pulmonary - 2019
Star Research Presentations: Pediatric Shock Circulation
Star Research Presentations: Trauma
Pro/Con Debate: Are AKI Biomarkers Ready for Clinical Use?
Pro/Con Debate: Who Should Be in Charge of Multidisciplinary Critical Care Training?
Star Research Presentations: Neurology
Guidelines for Pediatric Sepsis Beyond Clinical Care: Government Mandates and Adherence
Star Research Presentations: Pediatric Multiple Organ Dysfunction
Star Research Presentations: Pediatric Potpourri
Opioids: Crisis in Healthcare and Society
Fibbing With the Atria: New-Onset Atrial Fibrillation
Star Research Presentations: Quality and Patient Safety
Mass Casualty Events: Challenges and Opportunities in Caring for the Critically Ill and Injured
ACCM Adult Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Pain, Agitation/Sedation, Delirium, Immob
Star Research Presentations: Potpourri
Trainee to Faculty: Get There and Get Comfortable
New Strategies in Managing Complex Wounds in the Critically Ill
Star Research Presentations: Hematology
The Critical Care Opioid Crisis
Barriers to Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices in Patients With ARDS
Hot Controversies in Sepsis: Surfing the Wave of Change
Reversal of Novel Oral Anticoagulants in Patients Experiencing Life-Threatening Bleeds: Review of Cl
GIAPREZA (Angiotensin II): A Novel Treatment Option for Septic or Other Distributive Shock
How Rapid Diagnostic Testing Can Improve Outcomes in Critically Ill Patients
Plenary Session: A 2020 Vision of CPR: Evolution, Revolution, and Novel Solution
Plenary Session: Extracorporeal Life Support in Critical Care
Seizures 101: What Every Intensivist Should Know
Year in Review: Surgery - 2019
Year in Review: Internal Medicine - 2019
Catecholamine-Resistant Distributive Shock: Current Management
Late Breakers: SCCM Journals
Late Breakers: Leading Medical Journals
Pro/Con Debate: Procedures in the ICU: APP Versus GME
Pro/Con Debate: Is ECMO First-Line Therapy in ARDS?
Pediatric Surgical Critical Care: Same Patients, Different Perspectives
Mending Little Hearts
Organ Repair and Recovery: How Long, if Ever
Mitigation of Burnout in the ICU: Separating Myth From Reality
Critical Care Societies Collaborative Joint Session: Moral Distress, In-Hospital Violence, and Confl
Fellowship Program Directors Luncheon: Mentorship Programs in Critical Care: A Road Less Traveled
THRIVE: Bringing Meaning and Life Back to Survivors of Critical Illness
Year in Review: Nursing - 2019
Metabolomics in Critical Illness: The Missing Link in Precision Medicine?
Precision Immunomodulation for the Treatment of Severe Sepsis
The Pathophysiology of Chronic Critical Illness: From Bench to Bedside
Plenary Session: Response to Injury and Stress: A Genomic Storm
Plenary Session: Did I Start the Opioid Epidemic?
Life After Landmark RCTs
Flipping the Switch on Bleeding: What's New in Anticoagulant Reversal
Make It Stop: Hemorrhagic Control
Does My ICU Patient Need a Surgical Consult?
New Opportunities to Improve ICU Patient Outcomes: The Role of Parenteral Nutrition and New Lipids
Health Informatics
Year In Review: Pharmacy - 2019
Year In Review: Research - 2019
Pro/Con Debate: Mandating Sepsis Treatment
Pro/Con Debate: Do Vitamin C and Thiamine Make a Difference?
Pro/Con Debate: Think Outside the ET Tube: Using Noninvasive Ventilation and High-Flow Nasal Cannula
Case Records of the Joint Trauma System: Critical Care Focus - 2019
Safety in the ICU Environment
Controversies in the Management of the Pediatric ECMO Patient
Year in Review: Pediatrics - 2019
Anticoagulation in the Pediatric ICU: When Do We Need It?
A.S Laerdal Memorial Award Lecture: Extracorporeal Support for Respiratory Failure
Era of Bionic Patients: Total Artificial Heart and Assist Devices in ICU (Trainee-Friendly Session)
How to Poison Your Patient in the ICU
ACCM Distinguished Investigator Award and SCCM-Weil Research Grant Recipients
Amniotic Tsunami: Critical Care of the High-Risk Obstetric Patient
Beyond the CLABSI and CAUTI Bundles: How to Get to Zero When Change Is Hard
International Critical Care Trials Groups: What New Evidence Will Be Coming Down the Road?
Baby on My Brain: Neurologic Complications of the Peripartum
Advanced Practice Providers Networking Luncheon
ACCM Town Hall
Gut Health in Critical Illness
Patient on Fire: Immune Activation Syndromes in the ICU
Telemedicine Is Medicine, Tele-ICU Is ICU, Tele-Healthcare Is Healthcare
Respiratory Failure in the Morbidly Obese Patient: From Intubation to Extubation
Will These Controversies in Sepsis Ever End? Which Vasopressor Do I Use?
Plenary Session: A View From the Edge: Creating a Culture of Caring
Right Ventricular Failure: New Concepts, New Therapies
Successful ICU Ultrasound Program Development: A Meaningful Journey Needs a Reliable Vessel
Clot and Bleed: Challenging Situations in DVT Prophylaxis
Who Wants to Be Boss?
Open It Now!
Pro/Con Debate: Too Much of a Good Thing: Early Antibiotic Therapy in Sepsis
Pro/Con Debate: Mechanical Ventilation in the Hot Seat
Outcomes and Opportunities in the Pediatric ICU
Negotiating for Better Outcomes in Your ICU
Novel Trial Designs in Critical Care
Assessing and Addressing Antimicrobial Allergies in the ICU
Handoffs in Critical Care: How Can the Science Guide Us Toward Safer Care?
Diagnostic Errors in the ICU: The Hidden Epidemic
Pro/Con Debate: Advances in Management of Chest Wall Trauma
Measures and Metrics and Outcomes
Pandemics Cross Borders: How to Tackle Them From a Global Perspective
Anemia in Critical Illness: Beyond Transfusion
My Patient Won't Wean. Acute Neuromuscular Respiratory Failure: Multiprofessional Neurology, Pulmonary, and Nursing Perspectives
Optimizing Patient Outcomes Through Protocolized Care
Pediatric Critical Care Collaborative Study Groups: State of the Union
SCCM Discovery Network Trials: An Update
Sepsis: The Golden Hours; The Tipping Point
Venovenous ECMO: Optimal Timing for Cannulation?
Women in Critical Care
A Potpourri of Pearls for Conundrums in Critical Care: Best Practices Not Addressed in Guidelines
Critical Care Societies Collaborative Joint Session: Addressing Burnout in ICU Clinicians: Strategies for Prevention from a National Summit
Pediatric Sepsis 2018
Physiology-Guided CPR: Optimizing Outcomes from Prehospital to Discharge
Preparing Your Team for Outbreaks of Highly Infectious Diseases
Texas Hold 'Em: Going All In for Double Coverage of Gram-Negative Sepsis
Year in Review: Surgery - 2018
How Critical Illness Affects the Brain... and Vice Versa
Sepsis: A Threat That Needs a Global Solution
Getting Others to Do What You Want: Implementation Science for the Clinician
How Is Social Media Changing the Way Healthcare Providers Communicate?
International Critical Care Trials Networks: Completed and Ongoing Trials
Limits of Care in Pediatrics (Talk Show Format)
Optimizing Post-Resuscitation Outcomes
Patient-Centered Outcomes Research: Strategies for ICU Implementation
Role of Critical Care in Patients with Highly Infectious Diseases
The Care of the Chronically Critically Ill Child
The Drive to THRIVE: Prevent, Minimize, Diagnose, and Treat Post-Intensive Care Syndrome
SCCM/ESICM Joint Session: Sepsis in Resource-Limited Nations
The Poisoned Patient: Toxins in the ICU
Year in Review: Anesthesiology - 2018
Year in Review: Internal Medicine - 2018
Year in Review: Pediatrics - 2018
Symposia: Challenges of Using Antiplatelet and Anticoagulants in the Critically Ill
Symposia: Parenteral Nutrition in the Critically Ill: Appropriate Administration of Intravenous Lipid Emulsions
Military Lessons Learned for the Modern ICU
A. S. Laerdal Memorial Award Lecture (Header): Resuscitation in Sepsis: Past, Present, and Future
Coagulopathies in Trauma: From Hemostatic Resuscitation to the Reversal of Novel Oral Anticoagulants
Corticosteroids in Critical Illness: When, Which, and How Long?
GI Controversies: Choosing Wisely
PICU Liberation: Evidence Underlying Pediatric Collaborative
SCCM/ESICM Joint Session: Mother's Health, Nation's Wealth: Care of Critically Ill Pregnant Patients
Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation: Science or Art?
What Are the Drivers of Multiple Organ Failure?
Year in Review: Emergency Medicine and Prehospital Care - 2018
ACT Now! How to Not Get DistrACTed During ICU Rounds
American College of Critical Care Medicine Adult Guidelines Update
Presentations by the ACCM Distinguished Investigator Award Winner and SCCM-Weil Research Grant Recipients
Seizures and Status: When Benzodiazepines Need Backup
Bioelectronic Medicine: A Jump-Start in Critical Illness
Building a Better Mousetrap with Emerging Technology for Optimized PEEP
Controversies in the Early Detection and Treatment of Sepsis
Feeding Issues in the ICU
In-House Faculty Coverage: Things That Go Bump in the Night (Pro/Con)
New Trends in Procedural Sedation and Analgesia for Pediatric Intensivists
Pregnancy Gems for Your Critical Care Toolkit
Safety in the ICU: Learning from Errors, Near Misses, and Successes
Year in Review: Neuroscience - 2018
Year in Review: Nursing - 2018
Did Hippocrates Have an Attorney? Medicolegal Aspects of ICU Care
Hot Topics and Late-Breaking Science in SCCM Journals
New Face of Clostridium difficile in the ICU
What Is Sprouting with the PETAL Network?
What's New in TBI?
Year in Review: Pharmacy - 2018
Year in Review: Research - 2018
Rethinking Mentorship
Artificial Kidney Meets Mechanical Lung: Comanaging the Patient with Renal and Respiratory Failure
Cardiology Conundrums in the ICU
Clinical Research and Epidemiology: Focus on Personalized Care for ARDS Patients
Critical Care Electroencephalography: What Every Intensivist Must Know
Hot Topics and Late-Breaking Science in Medical Journals
Managing Critical Burns
Quality of Life and Outcomes in Pediatric Critically Ill Survivors and Their Caregivers
The Silver Tsunami: At the Intersection of Aging and Critical Illness
Vicious Viruses in the ICU
American College of Critical Care Medicine: SCCM Guidelines Update: Pediatric
Bundles, Protocols, and Checklists: A Pathway to Liberation or Fatigue (American College of Critical Care Medicine Town Hall)
Trainee-Friendly Tracks by GRE Committee: Rogue One(s): Rebellion of Electrolytes
Using Default Options and Other Nudges to Improve Critical Care
Case Records of the Joint Trauma System: Critical Care Focus - 2018
Controversies in Postgraduate Training for NPs and PAs in Critical Care
Extracorporeal Life Support
Feeding Special Populations: Does One Size Fit All?
Improving Long-Term Outcomes Research for Acute Respiratory Failure
Pediatric ARDS
Promoting Compassionate and Culturally Sensitive ICU Care for Racial, Ethnic, and Other Minorities
Taking a Stand: Prognostication in Critical Illness
ART in the ICU: Critical Illness in Patients with HIV
Hepatic Issues and Critical Care
Pulmonary Embolism Response Teams: A New Approach to an Old Problem
What's Old Is New... and Expensive? The Rising Cost of Drugs in the ICU
Star Research Presentation: Cardiovascular Pharmacology
Star Research Presentation: CPR and Resuscitation
Star Research Presentation: Epidemiology and Outcomes
Star Research Presentation: Infectious Disease
Star Research Presentation: Neuroscience
Star Research Presentation: Pulmonary
Star Research Presentation: Quality and Safety
Star Research Presentation: Sepsis and Shock
Star Research Presentation: Cardiovascular
Star Research Presentation: Cardiovascular Pediatric
Patient Safety: Is Zero Achievable?
You Want to Do What to My Kidneys?
01-CSF Sur1 Is Associated With ICP and Outcome After Pediatric TBI: An Exploratory Study in Cool Kids
02-Sur1 Pathway Genetic Variability May Impact MMP9 Secretion, Ca2+ Signaling, ICP, and Outcome in TBI
03-Prophylactic Anticoagulation Dosing in Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Patients Requiring an EVD
04-Association of Plasma Insulin Growth Factor to Memory and Cognition 12 Months After Aneurysmal SAH
07-HNSC Therapy Is More Neuroprotective Than Glibenclamide After Cardiac Arrest via Immunomodulation
08-Prehospital and Emergency Department Management of Pediatric Status Epilepticus
09-Evaluation of Aerosolized Epoprostenol in COVID-19 ARDS Patients
10-Early Identification of COVID-19 Patients Susceptible to Rapid Deterioration Using the Rothman Index
11-Severe Escalation of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests in SARS-CoV-2-Immersed Metropolitan Cities
12-Utility of Testing for Respiratory Viral Co-Infections With SARS-CoV-2 at Time of Initial Diagnosis
13-Delays to Presentation and Outcomes After Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage in the SARS-CoV-2 Era
14-Rapid Implementation of Remote Ventilator Monitoring and Control During the COVID-19 Pandemic
15-Safety of Remdesivir and Inhaled Nitric Oxide in a Pregnant Patient With Twins: A Case Report
16-ICU Telemedicine and Clinical Factors Related to 30-Day Mortality: A Retrospective Cohort Study
17-Safety of Intravenous Push Levetiracetam Administration at a Tertiary Academic Medical Center
18-Evaluation of Intravenous Push Levetiracetam in a Neurospine Intensive Care Unit
19-Protocol-Driven Enteral Feeding for Patients on High-Flow Nasal Cannula Respiratory Support
20-Interdisciplinary, Synergistic, Multimodal Interventions Decrease Ventilator-Associated Events
21-Trends in Vital Signs Predict Critical Deterioration in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Transfers
22-Outcomes of a Chest Radiograph De-Implementation Program: An Implementation Effectiveness Study
23-Translational Simulation Improves Compliance With the NEAR4KIDS Airway Bundle Checklist
24-Performance Analytics of an Integrated Electronic Health Record Sepsis Trigger Tool
25-Predicting Pulmonary Embolism Among Hospitalized Patients With a Machine Learning Algorithm
26-Simplified Paediatric Index of Mortality 3 (PIM3) Score by Explainable Machine Learning Algorithm
27-Machine Learning Prediction of Intensive Care Unit Delirium
28-Noninvasive Ventilation in Severe Bronchiolitis: Effects on Intubation Rates and Outcomes
29-TNF Receptor Soluble Factor 1A but Not Other Biomarkers Correlates With Changing PARDS Severity
30-Flow Index: A Novel Method to Report the Respiratory Support for Children on High-Flow Nasal Cannula
31-Impact of Cuffed Endotracheal Tube Size on Post-Extubation Upper Airway Obstruction in Infants
32-Improving Pediatric Sepsis Outcomes for All Children Together (IPSO FACTO): Interim Results
33-Balanced Crystalloids Versus Saline for Initial Fluid Resuscitation in Children With Septic Shock
34-The Effect of Early Corticosteroid Therapy on Outcomes in Children With Septic Shock
35-Impact of Timing of Acute Neurologic Dysfunction on Outcomes in Pediatric Sepsis
36-Community Level Income and Hospital Resource Utilization in Pediatric Severe Sepsis
37-The Association of Socioeconomic Status and Pediatric Sepsis Outcomes
38-The Association Between Antibiotic Timing in Sepsis and Antibiotic Use for Potential Infection
Improvement in Mortality Linked to Protocol Compliance Guiding Angiotensin II Use
40-Novel Strategy for Identifying an Optimal Bundle of Management for Sudden Cardiac Arrest
41-Relationship Between Critical Care Clinical Pharmacist Activities and Burnout Syndrome
42-Validation of the Patient Dignity Inventory to Assess Dignity-Related Distress in the Critically Ill
43-Effect of a Navigator-Led Transition and Recovery Program on Mortality and Readmission After Sepsis
44-Cytokine Release Syndrome in Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Therapy: The CAR-ICU Experience
45-Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of Cefazolin in the Cerebral Spinal Fluid of Critically Ill Patients
46-Population Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of Cefepime in Critically Ill Adults
47-Comparison of Two Dosing Strategies of Phenobarbital for Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome
48-Outcomes and Adverse Effects of Extreme Insulin Resistance in ICU Patients
49-Evaluation of Dosing Strategies on Cisatracurium on Drug Consumption and Oxygenation
50-A Zebrafish Model to Develop Mitochondrial Targeted Therapeutics for Sodium Fluoroacetate Toxicity
51-Efficacy of Vancomycin Loading Doses in Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Bacteremia
52-Lone Star Tick Bites Big Apple: Ehrlichia chaffeensis-Induced Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis
53-PICU Staff Knowledge and Perceptions of Pediatric Delirium and Impact of an Educational Curriculum
55-Improving Retention of Feeding Tubes in Pediatric Patients: An RCT Using the Nasal Bridle
56-Clinician Prediction of Functional Outcomes Following Pediatric Critical Illness
57-Risk Factors and Outcomes for Recurrent Pediatric In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
58-Video-Based Capillary Refill Time Assessment in Children
59-Early Cardiac Complications After Pediatric Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant
60-Extracorporeal Membrane Support for Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children
61-Risk Factors for Severe COVID-19 Illness in Children: Analysis of the VIRUS: COVID-19 Registry
62-Patterns of COVID-19 Illness in Hospitalized Children
63-D-Dimer and Fibrinogen Magnitude and Hypercoagulability by Thromboelastography in Severe COVID-19
64-Investigating Correlations Between Risk Factors and Outcomes in Patients With COVID-19 in the PICU
Critical Care Updates 2021: The Latest Advances in Diagnosing Sepsis and Pneumonia - Supported by BioFire Diagnostics, LLC
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